Friday, January 30, 2015

Why I Picked the Patriots in our Office Super Bowl Raffle

OK, before those of you who know me as a Seahawks fan decry me disloyal or traitorous, please first hear me out. The reason I went with the Patriots at today's office Super Bowl raffle is rather simple.

First, there is NOTHING that would mean more to me than another Seahawks Super Bowl victory. Last year was stunning. I cried tears of joy. I was in shock that something like that could actually happen to my hometown, to Seattle sports. The only thing that I think could top it would be a Seattle Mariners World Series championship. Growing up, the mere notion of the Seattle Seahawks ever making the playoffs was a figment of one's imagination most seasons. Then things got better, but getting to 2013 took serious time, and the wizardry of Pete Carroll and his staff. On the other hand, my Mariners even making a Series - well, that's as equally mythological at this point in history as the Seahawks playoff chances were in the 90s. Nevertheless, my wife can testify to you, by the amount of times I've jumped for joy like a ten year old when the LOB has come through in the clutch these past few seasons, or when Beast Mode 2.0 has caused minor earthquakes in our home, that I am a loyal Seattle man. Though I live in Los Angeles these days, while you can take me out of Seattle, my love for this team can never be removed.

And that's why I'm picking the Patriots *IN THIS RAFFLE*, ahem, not to actually win the game outside of this particular raffling, but because, to me, it's a personal win-win. A Seattle Super Bowl Championship is a rare, priceless thing. For me, you can't put a value on it, because it's everything. If the Seahawks win, and I believe they will, that victory alone is worth far more than any raffle prize from a company raffle. I could not care less in that scenario, because that's bragging rights and personal pride for another 10-12 months, at least. A Seattle win is simply better than a raffle win.

Whereas, should Brady and Belichick win, which would be totally lame, but if they do, I'll have the last laugh because I'll still walk away a raffle winner. A consolation prize and something to soften the blow whilst looking forward to redemption next season.

So, win or lose on Sunday, I'll still be a winner. :)

P.S. Don't bother, Shiloh. LOL