Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cataloging over-the-top home video digital distribution services

I think I want to start up a list, basically, of the top home media digital distribution services for movies and television. I think with the proliferation of Netflix and Amazon Prime and the battle for the OTT market growing with all of these incumbent's streaming services - MGo, Universal, Paramount, Warner Instant Archive, CinemaNow, etc, I guess it would be cool to categorize everything. Plus, it would help evidence any bias, something I think is becoming increasingly important in the climate of the net neutrality debate. It used to be you had your VCR or your DVD player and you went out and bought a tape or disc to add to your collection, but with the streaming licensing model as complicated as it is now, it's hard to keep track of where your media is and how you can best consume it.  So, stay tuned.

This is the boring thing that I like to do! LOL