Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gospel Topics on

As a Mormon, I am occasionally asked questions about my faith, whether at work, when I was in school ("back in the day"), or when I'm out on the web - I do my best to answer with what I know. I'm also keenly aware that there is a lot of discussion about religion in general, and the tenets of Mormonism in particular, happening around the internets, and some of it is not always very, let's say, positive in tone. This is fine, and part of what makes the internet as an "information commons" for the people so unique. I think when people are open-minded and fair lots of good knowledge exchange can happen. However, I've also noticed that sometimes otherwise well-meaning members and friends of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and her detractors, too, often feel the need to speculate or indulge in conjecture and assumptions about what the Church has to say about certain topics and doctrines. And, in the past, it's not always been easy to find an "official" resource from the Church to help settle disputes about where the Church stands on these sorts of issues. Thankfully, that's been changing, and there is now a rather extensive library of "Gospel Topics" for Mormons and folks who are not Mormon to refer to on the Church's website. It's found at and it's pretty great. Some of my favorite topics are addressed, and while some are addressed in short form, others have lengthy, scholarly entries with lots of citations. I hope you check it out!