Monday, February 24, 2014

Be more nicer

I read something the other day penned by a site moderator (link is below) that struck a chord, and I think it's very relevant to some of the dialogue happening around the internet lately, especially surrounding faith and speech in general.

It also reminded me of a quote, which I will paraphrase because I don't remember it precisely, by former MIT Media Lab honcho Henry Jenkins, who said of our "participatory culture", of our interwebs in effect, that "before we dismiss what matters to the (other), first find out what it means to them". I think we are all a little guilty of placing our own opinions on a pedestal without first weighing the personal meaning found in another individual's experiences, or without genuine awareness of that meaning, which is, frankly, sometimes impossible to empathize with, which means we sometimes ought to withhold judgement altogether.