Monday, January 13, 2014

My fate will be determined this Sunday

Get ready for a Beast quake on Sunday! (I snatched this photo off of the Seahawks Google+ page)

I'm a Seahawks fan. Raised in Seattle, I grew up watching Dave Krieg throw interceptions (and occasionally find Steve Largent for miraculous hail Mary game winners against Kansas City! - sorry, couldn't find a link to video, but it was an epic childhood memory...). The ritual was I yearly wondered if the team would ever be good enough to make it to the Super Bowl, or the playoffs, or even have a few winning seasons. So, I have to admit, like any terrible franchise, you kind of drift away from caring for years on end. Nevermind that! Today, I'm an excellent bandwagon rider, so whenever the Hawks have played well during the last decade or so (especially when they finally reached the Super Bowl against the Steelers), I've been right on board. Accuse me of fair-weather fanhood, if you must! These guys are good, and I feel the Seattle connection. They're my team, and always will be.

Yet, now that I am a married man, things are bit... unusual, as a Seachickens fan. My wife is a hardcore 49er. So much so that she consistently schools me in all things professional football, always sharing pics and facts, a rabid follower of her team. I'm always trying to catch up with her, but she's got a great read on the Niners via social media, and she is always two steps ahead of me. It's embarassing, I have to admit.

Nevertheless, despite our different loyalties, we've survived eight meetings between our teams. The rivalry has grown potent in recent years, especially with the transferal of a coaching rivalry, with Jim Harbaugh (via Stanford) and my USC Trojans' Pete Carroll going to their respective head coaching gigs in San Fran and Seattle. Harbaugh's Cardinal destroyed USC's chances at a title once upon a time, running up the score in the Coliseum well after the game was in hand. Carroll hasn't forgotten, and neither have I.

So there you have the facts. Cat and I love each other, but our teams do not. Sunday represents the biggest game between Catherine and I's teams since we got together. The Super Bowl is on the line.

If the Seahawks lose, I'll never hear the end of it.

If the Niners lose, I'll never hear the end of it.

If the Niners win and go on to win the Super Bowl, I'll be hearing her rub it in for months to come.

If my Seahawks win and win the Super Bowl, well, I'll still be walking on thin ice.

There's just no winning this weekend.

My destiny hangs in the balance!

The things we do for love... P.S. I do love you, honey! Maybe the NFL will declare a tie and nullify the Super Bowl this year!? Gawww.