Monday, December 16, 2013

Mormons are people, too!

A fellow user on reddit, a site that I frequent and actually quite love, asked why a Mormon might be interested in using reddit. As many of you might already know, reddit's userbase sometimes exhibits a bit of a non-religious or anti-religious slant. Anyway, here's how I responded (read the highlighted bit):

My response in its context over on

The long and short of it is, like any popular media platform, especially one with a user-driven experience, like a HuffPo or a Yahoo! or an ESPN or who knows what, there is room for everyone and there is something for everyone, even in the margins. Actually, specifically because there are margins and the platform wants to reach those margins. It's longtail theory.

Now, from a religious person's perspective, and I know other users on reddit tried to address the spiritual angle of this, I would defer to the fact that literally every medium is a field of landmines, loaded with things individuals of all backgrounds either like and dislike. Media is not only a reflection of at-large society's tastes, but it is a driver of whatever cultural commodities society chooses to consume (it's a bit of a chicken and egg debate - there is probably countless scholarship on this). But, we are commanded to live in the world, not of it. So, in my opinion, you have to proceed with prudence and wisdom. Any time you cast aside any technology or platform or story simply because some of it is unsavory, well if we all did that, that might turn us all in to lonely monks. It's mote, beam, etc., etc. If it offends you, pluck it out, don't go, but please, save judgement for He who judges both quick and dead. I've got funny cat videos to attend to! (Actually, I mostly go for college football discussion, but that's boring.)