Sunday, November 10, 2013

What we take with us when we die

Most people would just say "nothing". Certainly no material possessions, no titles, no ranks, no class. We are all equal in death.

But, so here is the "but", everyone might have degrees of belief about what happens, some religious, some not so much. I am a latter-day saint, and part of our belief system is that we do in fact get to take something with us. On top of the knowledge we may accumulate, our experiences and memories and character, we can take our families. If we make certain covenants with God, we can be united to our loved ones forever. I think that is something special, and maybe in some ways sets us apart from some other walks of faith.

Anyway, just thoughts spurred by some interesting speakers I heard in church service this morning. Echoes of what our faith's leaders have taught, so I plagiarize.  Paraphrase!

But, yeah, death doesn't have to part us from anything but our bodies and our stuff. I like that about my religion. :)