Friday, October 18, 2013


October Baseball is phenomenal. On Wednesday I was invited to attend the Dodgers-Cardinals game 5 matchup in the National League Championship Series. The seats were amazing, the weather at Dodger Stadium was perfect, and above all, the atmosphere was something like I've never experienced at a sporting event. All these teams full of elite players work all year to get to the postseason, but it's like there's this air of greater elite-ness that comes over these guys that make it this far. Wainwright on the Cards, Kershaw on the Dodgers, the managers, the media people, everything was just awesome. Way fun.  I love the Dodgers and they are my NL team, but I really hope that the Seattle Mariners make it back to October some day. The M's are my "emotional attachment" team.

Here's a panoramic from my seat: